WHEN Will Social Security, SSI, SSDI, & SNAP Recipients Receive Benefits This Month?

First off, as many of you know, Christmas Day is a federal holiday and this year, it takes place on a Saturday. New Year’s Day is also federally recognized and takes place on a Saturday. So the question becomes, when exactly will you see Social Security and food stamp SNAP benefits this month? Social Security benefits are sent on the second, third, and fourth Wednesday of every month depending on the day your birthday falls. So people with birthdays between the 1st and 10th received their payments on December 8th, while those with birthdays on the 11th through 20th will be receiving theirs on Wednesday, December 15th.The last Wednesday, December 22nd, will be for those with birthdays between the 21st and end of the month. This means most Social Security recipients won’t be impacted because the holiday does not fall on any of the payments dates.

SSI recipients see their payments on the first of the month, and January 1st, 2022 is considered a holiday. This means they’ll go out a day before that. Now what’s different this year is that the federal holiday of New Year’s Day falls on a Saturday, so it’s being recognized the Friday before, meaning that’s considered a holiday. This means SSI recipients will actually get their payment before that on the 30th of December. So despite getting the payment on the 30th of December, this is their January payment.

Those receiving SNAP benefits will usually get their payment on the same day every month. And of course which exact day will depend on your state. For example, New York residents get their benefits within the first 9 days of the month, meaning theirs won’t be impacted by Christmas. The easiest thing to do regarding food stamps is contact your specific state’s SNAP office for the rules. So since SNAP benefits are state run, there isn’t a one size fits all rule, as it is with federally run programs like Social Security.

Lastly, as for SSDI benefits, under the law, your payments cannot begin until you’ve been disabled for at least 5 full months. After that, payments usually start on your sixth month of being disabled. The only exception to this rule being if your disability is from ALS and you are approved for Social Security disability benefits on or after July 23rd 2020. When you are approved, you will be given a notice explaining how much your benefit will be and when your payments will begin.

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