VA & 17 States APPROVED for $95 SNAP Emergency Allotments in SEPTEMBER!

Another round of P-EBT benefits will be released on Thursday, August 25th, according to the Virginia Department of Social Services. In a press release on Tuesday, VDSS said a one-time summer payment of $391 per eligible student will be uploaded retroactively on previously issued P-EBT or SNAP EBT cards. The agency said households that do not have an existing card will have one mailed to the address provided by their school within seven to ten days of benefit issuance. Virginians should request a new card by calling 1-866-281-2448 or filling out the online inquiry form. Asked why summer payments are just going out now, VDSS’s Associate Director of Benefit Programs Jen Cooper said it took time to obtain approval and operationalize the program.

As food insecurity remains a challenge, VDSS said the additional P-EBT benefit will provide roughly $276 million in assistance to more than 700,000 students. The temporary assistance is available for all school-age children who were eligible to receive free or reduced-price meals during the 2021-2022 school year or attended a school approved to participate in the Community Eligibility Provision. VDSS recently received federal approval for the summer meal assistance but the state has yet to receive guidance for P-EBT benefits for the 2022-2023 school year. According to Cooper, “It’s important that we get that information as soon as possible and we just don’t have it right now”. There are no expectations of what it is going to be because it has changed so much.

Meanwhile, the federal government is changing how expired or unused benefits are handled. Benefits will now expire on SNAP EBT or P-EBT cards after nine months of no spending activity, rather than after one year of inactivity. To retain benefits, an eligible food purchase must be made within nine months. Alright so besides Virginia, what other states are approved to receive $391 summer P-EBT benefits. The current list of 36 states is as follows.

As for the list of 17 states that were authorized for extended $95 SNAP EBT in September, that list is as follows.

For example, in Utah, the waiver for this state lists a benefits issuance date of September 24th.As I’ve mentioned before, you can check for yourself specifically when your state is receiving benefits by going to the website.

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