JUNE Payment Schedule & Summer P-EBT Programs (NM, MI)

New Mexico households receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program food benefits will continue to receive the maximum amount for their household size for the month of June. Additionally, the New Mexico Human Services Department announced that SNAP recipients are able to purchase hot food prepared for immediate consumption with their Electronic Benefit Transfer card from deli departments at EBT authorized retailers through July 12th due to wildfires. The U.S. Department of Agriculture approved HSD’s request to ensure New Mexico families still have access to meals that are currently not able to prepare hot food due to home damages or displacement caused by these wildfires. This does not include restaurants or other non-EBT authorized retailers. Since March 2020, $1,026,560,353 in emergency allotments to issue maximum SNAP benefits has been distributed to 359,463 New Mexico households.

We’re here to support families when they need us most," said Angela Medrano, Deputy Secretary for HSD." Providing access to fresh, nutritious foods and having hot food available when you’re displaced and unable to cook is essential for families. The easiest way to make sure your contact information is up-to-date is on the YesNM website at Users can simply and easily update their address using the chat functionality there. Step-by-step directions on how to update your address are also available there. Individuals seeking to apply for or check their SNAP benefits may apply online through or by phone at 1-800-283-4465.

Moving onto the state of Michigan, all 700,000 Michigan households who receive SNAP food assistance will get an additional payment again in June. This additional assistance is an effort to make groceries more affordable as food prices increase. Eligible recipients saw the additional food assistance on their Bridge Cards from June 11th to the 20th. Governor Gretchen Whitmer said these benefits will be loaded onto Bridge Cards as a separate payment from the assistance that was provided earlier in the month. “Michiganders will continue to be able to put food on the table thanks to our ongoing partnership with the federal government. In addition to helping Michigan families lower their out-of-pocket food costs, this collaboration has helped us continue to grow our economy by returning federal dollars to Michigan,” said Whitmer. About 1.36 million people from more than 700,000 households in Michigan receive federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits through the state’s Food Assistance Program. All households will continue receiving the maximum benefits allowed for their size in June and households already receiving the maximum will receive an increase of at least $95 per month. Michigan has been paying maximum SNAP benefits to all eligible households since April 2020, soon after the coronavirus pandemic began.

Benefit amounts for all households increased in May 2021. Federal approval of the increased SNAP benefits is necessary every month. Maximum benefits for households range from $250 per month for a single person to $992 per month for a family of five. Funding for the additional benefits was included in the federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Recipients do not need to apply or make any changes to receive the additional SNAP benefits payment on their Bridge Cards this month. Those who receive food assistance can check their Michigan Bridge Card benefits balance online.

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