GREAT NEWS! 34 States APPROVED for $95 SNAP Emergency Allotments in MAY & JUNE!

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has provided the benefits boost over the course of the pandemic, in order to help struggling households. The funding plan was announced in April 2021 and it gives the US Department of Agriculture, which oversees SNAP, an extra $1 billion per month for the program. The funds were initially set to end in September 2021, but it has since been extended several times. The latest public health emergency was due to expire on April 15th, but has since been extended for another 90 days. This means states who are still providing emergency allotments for people receiving food stamps can continue to do so, at least until July 15th.

As for the states that have authorized the continued SNAP emergency benefits in May, we currently have a total of 34 states. The amount of extra money eligible families may receive depends on family size. The minimum amount given is $95. A few states have already phased out the added benefit, including Nebraska and Tennessee. Meanwhile, some are still continuing to pay out the emergency allotments through May and June. If you are looking to apply to SNAP, you must apply for the program in the state where you currently reside. Each state has a different application form, but when you connect with your local SNAP program, the agents there should be able to help you with the application process.

Now generally, SNAP is limited to people with gross incomes up to 130% of the federal poverty line. Your SNAP benefits will also depend on family size and the state you live in. For example, for a family of four, the maximum allotment is $841. For the state of California, the SNAP issuance date for recipients who manage benefits through CalSAWS is June 11th. As for recipients managing their benefits through CalWIN, these individuals will be issued their extended benefits on June 18th. For the state of Ohio, their May emergency allotment issuance date is May 27th.

As you can see, each state has their own date of payment disbursement. Some states issue benefits all at once on a single date, or on a what’s called a staggered basis in which payments are issued over the period of several days. For example, in New York City, payments will be issued between May 16th and May 20th. And in rest-of-state districts, payments will be issued in two groups, one between May 9th and May 12th, and one between May 15th and May 19th, with benefits being available for use the following calendar day.

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