Now it’s helpful to mention that there are in fact several states that weren’t included on the list on the USDA website, but were still approved to receive benefits. One of those being Delaware, in which the SNAP emergency food benefit will be available on recipients’ EBT cards Thursday, September 29th. Eligible TANF and Georgia households will similarly receive an emergency cash benefit check on or after Thursday, September 29th. Another one of the states that has not yet been included in the list provided on the USDA website is Massachusetts. People in Massachusetts who participate in SNAP will see their benefits increase starting in October, in response to the rising cost of living. The benefits will increase 12%, as SNAP amounts are adjusted to the current cost of living. Households will see an average increase of $25-$30 a month, according to the release. There are around 550,000 households in the Bay State that get SNAP benefits, which are adjusted every year by the federal government to keep pace with inflation. Additionally, Massachusetts got approval from the federal government to adjust the heating costs used to calculate benefit amounts, because of the regional rise in utility prices. Here's a chart provided by the state regarding the new SNAP benefit amounts, effective October 1st.

On October 1st, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is raising the income eligibility thresholds to 200 percent of the Federal Income Poverty Guidelines (FPIG). The change expands the program to an additional 420,000 Pennsylvanians, who will receive an average of $63.00 a month. Here are the household monthly income limits under the new guidelines:

Instacart announced today that it will expand its EBT SNAP payments program to all Instacart retail grocery partners by 2030. The company also says it will allow customers to shop on Instacart using their Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits next year. Instacart says the addition of TANF payments will give customers more ways to pay for household items, such as diapers, which aren't currently covered by EBT SNAP benefits. As for the list of 21 states currently listed on the USDA website, the list is as follows…

And yes, before I get a bunch of comments by my awesome lovely Texas viewers, Texas is included in this list. Texans will be receiving their October benefits on a randomized and staggered basis from October 4th through the 10th.

The Social Security Expansion Act would give recipients an extra $200 per month in benefits. The bill, which was originally introduced in the House and Senate back in June by Representatives Peter DeFazio from Oregon and Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, but has not yet been passed. However, the legislation is still being considered and has received support from several lawmakers across the US.

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