GREAT NEWS! | 2 MORE STATES APPROVED for $95 SNAP & $391 P-EBT this Summer 2022?!

Now since our last video, we’ve seen 2 more states added to our running list of states, including West Virginia and New York which were recently authorized to grant approvals to either extend the $95 in SNAP emergency allotments or $391 in Summer EBT benefits. In New York, for example, allotments will be issued from July 18th through July 29th. Benefits will be available the next day following issuance. And in Rest-of-State districts, allotments will be issued July 11th - July 14th and July 17th – July 21st, 2022, with benefits available the following day. As for the state of West Virginia, the State will offer households who become income-eligible for free or reduced price meals the ability to establish their eligibility during the 2022 covered summer period. In addition, the State and its school districts will identify eligible children through direct certification during the same period. West Virginia will also:

• Issue the U.S. standard benefit of $391 to all eligible children,

• Tentatively issue a single benefit for the entire summer period in August for children determined eligible by that date,

• And, set an application submission deadline of July 31st, 2022 for households of children who become newly eligible during the covered summer period.

West Virginia school districts will use their standard NSLP applications for summer P-EBT benefits, school districts will process these applications on receipt or immediately after the end of the covered summer period, and the State will issue summer P-EBT benefits to these households upon approval of their applications in a cleanup issuance on September 26th. As for children in child care, the State will, at a minimum, identify all children under age 6 who are enrolled in SNAP during the covered summer period and prior to the end of the federal COVID 19 public health emergency, if applicable. The State will ensure that children who receive a benefit through P-EBT’s child care component do not also receive a benefit through P-EBT’s school component for the covered summer period. Finally, the State will await confirmation from the USDA that the public health emergency will extend through the end of the covered summer period before issuing the full summer benefit to children in child care. And lastly, here is the latest list of states from the USDA website regarding current eligibility for either the extension of the $95 emergency allotment amount or $391 in summer PEBT.As of our last video, we now have 30 total states in this list.

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