FREE $300 in Gas & Electricity for Seniors! | Medicare Part D Subsidies?!

Rising energy costs are hitting families hard all over Southern Nevada, especially seniors with many of them on fixed incomes. And so Nevada Energy provided a great opportunity to save up to $300 on energy bills for those 62 and older on Thursday. This was part of the company’s Senior Energy Assistance Expo, which has helped more than 500 people this week. There were also opportunities to save on internet and gas with companies like Cox and Southwest Gas helping to shed money off of customers’ bills. NV Energy also signed up interested customers for an appliance program, which upgrades your refrigerator and dryer depending on the income and age of the appliances. For example, Debra Zellis saved around $250 just for showing up to the event. Zellis had the following remarks to say regarding this program…“Very helpful. It will help me save a little money and then I can buy something extra like go to Ross or Walmart”. So if you live in the state of Nevada, or if you’re gonna be visiting, there will be two more events next week on Tuesday at Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall in the Ponderosa Ballroom and on Thursday at Aliante Casino and Hotel in the Grand Ballroom. And both events will be from 8 a.m. to noon.

In other news, the latest inflation numbers currently stand at 9.1%. Rising prices are continuing to make it more difficult for people to stretch a dollar, but it's even more challenging for seniors on a fixed income. Inflation is putting a tight squeeze on household budgets, however there is help available for seniors who are struggling to pay their bills. The rising costs of food, gas, and other necessities make it increasingly difficult for people to make ends meet, but especially seniors living off Social Security. The National Council on Aging's BenefitsCheckUp website offers one-stop shopping for financial assistance with everything from healthcare and food to transportation and utilities. The National Council on Aging can also help seniors find assistance in paying for health insurance, including a low-income subsidy that will help people with their Medicare D plans, with their co-pays and their premiums.

There’s also help to cover the high cost of prescription drugs. According to The National Council on Aging Director of Aging and Disability Services Debbie Spencer, “If they’re having problems getting their medication, there are applications that you can do through the pharmaceutical companies and the income is usually 200 percent of poverty level”. Besides insurance needs, there is also a long list of items the National Council on Aging can use in order to help seniors gain free access to such as smartphones, dental care or vision care. To find out what senior benefits you or a loved one might be eligible to receive, just call 1-800-794-6559, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or go to the BenefitsCheckUp website.

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