$600-$1100 Stimulus II Checks for Social Security & SSI Recipients Are Coming?!

Over 5.5M Golden State Stimulus II payments have so far gone out to the residents of California, which comprises over half the payments that will be transferred and mailed to people with incomes of $75,000 or below. The final round of $600 payments plus $500 for each qualifying dependent issued by the Golden State will conclude the state’s pandemic program. The 180,000 payments in what should be the final round are valued at approximately $127M, which started in the second half of December 2021. The previous round of 794,000 Golden State Stimulus II payments were dispatched between the 13th and 31st in December 2021. The total value of those rounds being valued at around $568M.

Since August 2021, the Golden State Stimulus II program has dispatched roughly 8.2M stimulus checks with a direct deposit value of a little over $5.9B.The program is the second part of Governor Gavin Newsom of California’s Pandemic Recovery Plan. Initially, the payment program was intended only for the Golden State’s low-income residents, but was later modified to include lower-middle-income groups with earnings less than $75,000 in adjusted gross income. In the earlier round of the payment program, the majority of the stimulus checks were distributed to residents through direct deposit. These went out to residents who had filed their income tax returns electronically. However, several residents of California did not receive their direct deposit and were apprehensive about even receiving their stimulus check. Such payments were mostly sent through the US postal department and were delayed en route.

The Franchise Tax Board has said that around 180,000 Golden State Stimulus II payments will be issued between December 27th and January 11th, 2022. There will even be some slower payments that will continue to go out after January 11th. Such payments have been delayed as additional processing is required for some cases to ensure eligibility. Several recipients of Social Security and SSI payments remain confused whether they will receive the California stimulus check, which is entirely dependent on the guidelines detailed by the administration. California stimulus checks for SSI recipients will be $600 with an additional $500 for dependents who qualify. They will also need to meet basic requirements and submit information on additional income sources, as well as have a gross income that is between $1- $75,000 on their returns filed in 2021.

You’ll be glad to know your Social Security payment is not considered when calculating your adjusted gross income. SSI recipients receiving California stimulus checks should also meet the following criteria. They should have been a resident of California for the greater part of 2021. They should continue to live in California and possess a Social Security number or an ITIN number. Such a claimant should also not be applied as dependent by any other taxpayer. They should also have filed their 2020 taxes on or before October 15th. Those who have only their Social Security as their only source of income are not eligible for the Golden State Stimulus II payment. Several other categories of income also are not included in the calculation for your adjusted gross income including CalFresh and CalWorks benefits, State Supplementary Payment, Supplemental Security Income, Immigrants’ Cash Assistant Program, VA disability, Disability Insurance, and unemployment.

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