33 STATES APPROVED for $95 SNAP Emergency Allotments in OCTOBER & NOVEMBER!

Let’s take a look at the list on the USDA website, where we can find out which states have been added since our last update. As you can see, to name a few, we have the state of California receiving additional benefits in November. California will be issuing benefits to almost 3 million total households for a total amount of close to $500 million. As for when residents can expect to see these benefits hit their EBT balances, the issuance dates are November 26th for CalSAWS and November 19th for CalWIN. Texas residents are receiving their October emergency allotments as we speak, on a staggered basis, since October 4th through October 10th.

Moving onto some questions by the audience. We had one of our lovely viewers ask about the state of Nevada and as promised, I do my best to answer all of your guys questions. Hi and greetings from Las Vegas! Can you please check when Nevada can expect its Emergency EBT funds? Thank you. So for Nevada, we actually have to go back one month to the September list to see the dates for October. And so if we go ahead and open up the September Extension Approved link, we can check the documentation to find out when Nevada residents will be issued their emergency allotments. And it looks like Nevada is issuing them today, with benefits being available in eligible recipients’ accounts by October 11th. So make sure you look out for those.

Virginia has granted another extension for SNAP Emergency benefits through October, ensuring that SNAP recipients in the commonwealth will receive the maximum possible benefits. According to paperwork filed with the USDA, SNAP benefits for Virginians will be loaded onto EBT cards on October 16th.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced today that low-income Florida residents recovering from Hurricane Ian could be eligible for assistance from the USDA’s Disaster SNAP Program (otherwise known as D-SNAP). Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said households that may not normally be eligible under regular SNAP rules may qualify for D-SNAP if they meet certain criteria, including the disaster income limits, and if they have qualifying disaster-related expenses. The Florida Department of Children and Families estimates that over 740,000 households may be eligible for D-SNAP assistance. Details on Florida’s D-SNAP program will be available at the Florida Department of Children and Families’ Hurricane Ian Response & Recovery website at

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