$2400 Per Year Benefits Increase?! (SSA, SSI, SSDI)

Now on Monday, as part of a Fox Nation debate, Senator Lindsey Graham said seniors may have to “take a little less” and “pay a little more in” when debating Social Security solvency. Graham made the comments while debating Senator Bernie Sanders during a “Senate Project” debate. Let’s do something like Ted Kennedy would do: get Republicans and Democrats to find a way, like the Gang of Six, the Simpson-Bowles plan. Senator Sanders: bring your Social Security plan to the floor. All it does is raise taxes. To get out of this mess, people like me are going to have to take a little less and pay a little more in. We’re going to have to adjust the age one more time like Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil did. There is a bipartisan way forward. You describe problems, but your answer is always the government — it’s always socialism. The estimated average Social Security retirement benefit in 2022 is $1,658 a month. While this is a $93 increase from the year before, benefits only cover a portion of seniors’ living expenses.

For his part, Sanders admitted that Social Security “does have a solvency issue,” but that his proposal — also backed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren — would extend solvency for 75 years while increasing benefits for recipients by $2,400 per year. Sanders’ proposal would ostensibly fund this expansion of Social Security via a tax on high-earning households. Graham also said that Sanders’ Medicare for All program would eliminate private-sector health care, which would be extremely costly. Knewz reported that Sanders, along with 14 other senators, introduced the Medicare for All plan in May to “guarantee health care in the United States as a fundamental human right to all. There has to be some sense of responsibility here. You just can’t tax people into oblivion and turn every problem over to the government”. One topic dominated much of the conversation between Senators Sanders and Graham: high gas prices. The two politicians had different takes on fixing the high prices plaguing people’s wallets, with Graham blaming prices on Democrats and Sanders putting the onus on big oil companies. Sanders had this to say in response, “I think in the midst of what is going on in this world, that is the war in Ukraine, and the sapping of Russian oil. I think what the oil companies are doing is taking advantage of that situation and raising prices to an outrageous level which is hurting the American working family”.

Graham called on people to vote for Republican candidates in the next election, and pointed to the actions of Democratic politicians in power as at fault for the increased prices. Graham goes on to state, “How did we go from energy independence to where we are now? Policy matters. During the campaign in 2020, President Biden and Senator Sanders campaigned against eliminating fossil fuels as we know it in America”. Graham continues by saying, “I do think we have to do something about the outrageously high price of gas. I think the President should bring the major oil companies in and tell them we’re gonna have a windfall profit tax on what they’re doing, in order to stop them from ripping off the American people”. Graham also remarks that people should vote Republican so Republicans can return to increased production from oil companies.“ It’s not the oil companies that are driving these prices. They want to produce more they just can’t. It is the policies of this administration — the stated goal of this administration is to destroy fossil fuel production in America and they’re on track to do that. Folks, if you want to lower gas and oil prices, vote Republican to see if we can find a few Democrats who will go back to increased production in America so that we can lower gas prices in a way that works.

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